Bryan’s back in the gym thanks to procedure pioneered by UOI’s Dr. DaSilva

Bryan Loughlin from Coventry, Rhode Island always loved working out in the gym and being active outdoors. However, a few years ago, a chronic elbow injury made it all but impossible for him to continue those activities.

Despite more than a year of treatment elsewhere, Bryan didn’t find the relief he desperately needed and wanted. One day a friend handed him a hammer and he couldn’t hold it. He knew something needed to be done.

That’s when two different people in his life told him about University Orthopedics orthopedic surgeon Dr. Manuel DaSilva and a procedure he pioneered to correct golf and tennis elbow at the same time, during the same minimally invasive procedure.

Bryan knew he’d found his guy and within in months, he was back in the gym and doing what he loved.

Below, Dr. DaSilva explains the procedure he developed for lateral and medial epicondylitis.