myUOIstory: Lynne’s Back on the Farm Following Same-Day Hip Replacement

Life on a farm is physically demanding. For too long, hip pain hindered Lynne's ability to fully engage in her work, impacting her livelihood and her passion for farming. Drawing from the positive experiences of her husband, who underwent successful knee replacement surgery in the past, and the successful treatments received by other family members from the esteemed doctors at University Orthopedics, Lynne took the necessary steps towards reclaiming her health. With the farm being a cherished family legacy spanning multiple generations, Lynne's return symbolizes not just a personal triumph over pain, but also a continuation of the family's enduring commitment to their land and way of life. Now, back on the farm alongside her husband, Lynne embraces each day with renewed vigor, free from the constraints of pain, and fully immersed in the joys of farm life once more.


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