Correct Laptop Posture Can Prevent Health Issues

Whether you’re working from home or you’re kids are doing school work, proper posture while in front of your laptop can prevent serious neck, shoulder, and back issues.

Spine surgeon Bryce Basques, MD, discusses ways you can ease the pain.

Dr. Basques is a fellowship-trained spine surgeon who specializes in spinal disorders such as disk herniations, degenerative cervical, thoracic, lumbar disease, spinal deformity, trauma, and tumors. He also specializes in correcting failed surgery and revision procedures. He has extensive experience with the latest advances in spine surgery, including robotic spine surgery, navigation, minimally invasive spine surgery, outpatient spine surgery, and motion preservation (non-fusion surgery). He tailors the treatment plan to each patient’s needs, with a focus on non-operative management whenever possible.