Dan’s Wrist Replacement Surgery: Putting Pain on Ice

Dan hurt his wrist while playing hockey many years ago. At the time, he thought it was a bone bruise, so he played through the pain.

After a year he finally went to Dr. A. Peter Weiss, a hand specialist at University Orthopedics.

It turns out Dan had a torn ligament. However, because Dan waited so long to seek medical help, there was little Dr. Weiss could do at that time. He told Dan a partial fusion would probably be in his future.

He toughed it out several more years, until he could no longer take the pain. He went back to Dr. Weiss and underwent his first of two partial fusions.

Both procedures helped relieve his pain, but also affected his wrist mobility.

Over time, partial fusions break down and arthritis takes over the wrist. The pain returned and dan found it hard to golf, or play hockey. He even had trouble sleeping. Dr. Weiss told Dan he had two choices – total wrist fusion or wrist replacement surgery.

Dan’s decision became easier for him when he learned the surgeon who helped develop a first-of-its-kind wrist replacement device and procedure was none other than the physician who had been treating him all of these years – Dr. Weiss.

“He’s one of the leading hand surgeons in the country, and I’m very fortunate to have Dr. Weiss right here as my original hand surgeon to be the one to do it,” Dan said.

The implant Dr. Weiss helped develop is designed to mimic how the wrist used to function.

“It’s the first wrist implant that does that,” Dr. Weiss said.

Dan underwent the outpatient procedure at the East Bay Surgical Center and says he’s thrilled with the outcome.

“I have more mobility than I did 25 years ago, and I’m pain free,” he said. “I can golf, I can play hockey without taking Motrin. This has been a huge success.”


Dr. Weiss is an internationally recognized hand surgeon. He specializes in hand and wrist reconstruction with a special interest in finger and wrist joint replacement surgery. He is the current Editor of the ASSH Textbook of Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery, formerly Editor of the Journal of Hand Surgery, Dean of Admissions at Brown Medical School and the holder of 14 U.S. patents for widely-used medical devices. Dr. Weiss has been honored with the America’s Top Doctors, Best Doctors in America, America’s Top Surgeons award and top doctor in rhode island monthly magazine. He has been named a “world expert” on Upper Extremity, Hand, Hand Joints, Wrist and Thumb problems by Expertscape.