Dr. Bohart Patient: I’d be in a wheelchair without UOI’s Comprehensive Spasticity Management Clinic

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. – After suffering a stroke 13  years ago, Marie Sullivan experienced dibilitating spasticity and had little use of her right arm and leg.

“Huge change in her lifestyle,” said Roy Spiridi, her husband. “At first they weren’t sure whether she’d get out of bed or be able to talk.”

Marie told NBC 10’s Barbara Morse she felt like a prisoner. But then, she met Dr. Zachary Bohart, who, as a physiatrist, specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Dr. Bohart leads the Comprehensive Spasticity Management Clinic at University Orthopedics.

A condition that causes certain muscles to contract involuntarily, spasticity is a symptom of certain neurological conditions that can make it difficult to perform voluntary movement; sit and sleep comfortably; stand and transfer; wear a brace; participate in physical and occupational therapy; and have care provided for. 

Keeping up with her treatments along with physical and occupational therapy makes patients like Sullivan more mobile and independent, and out of a wheelchair.

“But now look at me, that’s the good part,” beamed Sullivan who now walks with the assistance of a cane. She said she’d be in a wheelchair if not for these treatments.

Dr. Bohart says there’s a real shortage of doctors providing the treatment available at The Comprehensive Spasticity Management Clinic at University Orthopedics.

If you missed the story, you can watch it online now.

About Dr. Bohart

dr zachary bohart

Zachary Bohart, MD is a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation and focuses on orthopedic electrodiagnostics (EMGs), and comprehensive spasticity management, consisting of EMG and ultrasound-guided injections with Botox, peripheral phenol nerve blocks, and intrathecal baclofen pump management. These modalities are used to treat patients with spasticity from strokes, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and brain injuries.

Dr. Bohart leads the Comprehensive Spasticity Management Clinic at University Orthopedics. He also treats this patient population at rehabilitation hospitals in the Boston area. He has been named one of Boston Magazine’s Top Doctors several years in a row and lectures residents and junior attendings around the country on the topic of comprehensive spasticity management.

Dr. Bohart works closely with physical and occupational therapists and orthotists to maximize the level of functioning of this patient population with neurologic disabilities.