Extreme Heat: Dr. Tabaddor Urges Athletes to Take Precautions

Extreme heat can be dangerous for anyone, especially athletes who must play in sweltering temperatures.

Dr. Ramin Tabaddor is not only a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon. He’s also the team doctor for URI Football and an expert on keeping top-level athletes safe. 

He recently shared how athletes can take precautions when temperatures soar.

About Dr. Tabaddor

Dr. Tabaddor has been practicing orthopedic surgery since 2009. He is a fellowship trained, CAQ certified sports medicine orthopedist, with a special concentration in hip and pelvic-related disorders (including femoroacetabular impingement, gluteus medius tears, athletic pubalgia and iliopsoas tendon tears). Dr. Tabaddor treats a wide range of sports-related injuries, both surgical and nonsurgical, and he has had specialized training in hip arthroscopy. He holds an undergraduate degree with honors from Boston University and an MD from Boston University School of Medicine.