‘EMPHASYS’ on Innovation: UOI’s Dr. Jenkins First in New England to Use Next-Gen Hip Implant

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. – University Orthopedics adult reconstruction surgeon Dr. Derek Jenkins recently became the first in New England to use EMPHASYS™ for a total hip replacement surgery.    

“I’m honored that Depuy-Synthes and Johnson & Johnson, a global leader in hip and knee replacement technology, would choose our practice to showcase their newest innovations,” said Dr. Jenkins, a senior member of the surgical staff involved in joint replacement research. “Our reputation at University Orthopedics, Brown University, Rhode Island Hospital, and The Miriam Hospital is being noticed on the national level. We may be the smallest state but we are doing big things here in Rhode Island.”  

The EMPHASYS™ stem by DePuy Synthes, the orthopaedics company of Johnson & Johnson, builds on the long and distinguished track record of the CORAIL™ hip stem, with which Dr. Jenkins has had success in more than 2000 hip replacements over the span of 10 years. 

“Our preliminary survey of our total hip replacement results with the CORAIL™ shows a 0% dislocation rate which is really exceptional. We are currently studying outcomes of these newer stem designs, and are excited to be part of the innovation process and what it could mean for our patients,” Jenkins said. 

Keeping many of the same design features that have made the CORAIL™ system a success, Depuy-Synthes called EMPHASYS™ Hip Solutions the next evolution. Some of the improvements the company highlights include: 

  • A wider variety of stem sizes to accommodate different-sized femurs 
  • Better fit and surgical preparation for a variety of femur types, including narrow canals
  • Better bone preservation due to its intraosseus and extra-osseus design
  • Reduction of the number of implants, instruments, and trays, creating a streamlined workflow specific to a surgeon’s preferred surgical approach, including Anterior Approach
  • Better recreation of the femoral head center which can lead to ideal positioning of the acetabulum and femur to achieve desired patient leg length outcomes

“We can’t be complacent in medicine and orthopaedics and just accept the status quo. If we keep doing the same things we’ve been doing for years, we will never get better. We will never move forward. I believe it’s our job as academic orthopaedic surgeons to move the art and science of joint replacement that next step further,” Jenkins said. “Fundamentally, this difficult process benefits our patients in improving outcomes over the long run.”

About Dr. Derek Jenkins

Dr. Jenkins specializes in adult reconstruction of the hip and knee, with a focused interest in primary surgery including direct anterior total hip replacement, gap balanced total knee replacement, and partial knee replacement; outpatient total joint replacement without the need for an overnight hospital stay; hip and knee preservation, young adult hip and knee, hip and knee arthroscopy, hip and knee osteotomies, treatment of avascular necrosis, fracture treatment of the hip and knee, and revision hip and knee surgeries including the treatment of infected, failed, or painful joint replacements.