Flip-Flop Dos and Don’ts: Are they really bad for your feet?

We’ve all heard that flip-flops are bad for your feet. But is that really true? In the below video, Dr. Brad Blankenhorn, a foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon with University Orthopedics, separates fact from fiction.

About Dr. Blankenhorn

Dr. Brad Blankenhorn specializes in the treatment of common and complex disorders of the foot and ankle. His practice focuses on reconstructive surgery for deformity and degeneration in the foot and ankle, as well as the treatment of acute and subacute traumatic injuries to the foot and ankle. Dr. Blankenhorn has experience in the treatment of arthritic conditions of the foot and ankle, including joint fusions and total ankle replacements. His practice also includes the arthroscopic treatment of traumatic, arthritic, and sports related injuries of the foot and ankle.