Hurt Overseas, Bicyclist Turns to UOI’s Dr. Jenkins

(LifeSpan.Org) — When Stacey and Gene Mihaly were on a biking holiday in Sweden several years ago, they never expected they were rolling into an accident that would include international negotiations, a proprietary Swedish medical instrument, a pandemic, a call to a senator, and the deft skills of Derek Jenkins, MD at the Total Joint Center at the Miriam Hospital.

An ambulance rushed the Mihaly couple to a hospital in Helsingborg, where x-rays showed a clear fracture. “My options were to have my hip either pinned or replaced. Each carried implications for post operative care, both in Sweden and when we came home,” said Stacey. “Because I knew Dr. Jenkins from his excellent care of my mom, I literally called him from the emergency room and asked him what he recommended. My husband was able to text him my x-rays then and there. Because the US and Sweden used different hip hardware at the time, Dr. Jenkins suggested the pinning. When I was back in Rhode Island a week later, he started me in physical therapy. And Dr. Jenkins has been by my side ever since.”

About Dr. Derek Jenkins

Dr. Jenkins specializes in adult reconstruction of the hip and knee, with a focused interest in primary surgery including direct anterior total hip replacement, gap balanced total knee replacement, and partial knee replacement; outpatient total joint replacement without the need for an overnight hospital stay; hip and knee preservation, young adult hip and knee, hip and knee arthroscopy, hip and knee osteotomies, treatment of avascular necrosis, fracture treatment of the hip and knee, and revision hip and knee surgeries including the treatment of infected, failed, or painful joint replacements.