Meet ROSA: Dr. El Othmani on Benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement System Now Available at Newport Hospital

The ROSA Robot – a state-of-art knee replacement system – recently became available at Newport Hospital.

The technology allows doctors to make a smaller incision, with reduced scarring and minimal bleeding; reduced injury to nearby tissue; more precise implant placement; and increased longevity of the implant.

University Orthopedics’ surgeon, Dr. Mouhanad El Othmani recently detailed what the ROSA means for patients in a recent article in the Newport Daily News.

About Dr. El Othmani

Fellowship-trained in adult reconstruction, Dr. El Othmani specializes in robotic joint replacement, both inpatient and outpatient; hip and knee arthritis; total and partial hip replacement; direct anterior hip replacement for complex primaries and revisions; total and partial knee replacement; total joint revisions following infection, fracture, dislocation, loosening, and other failure modalities; and lower extremity trauma. He is particularly interested in a holistic approach to joint replacement, with a focus on nutritional and functional peri-operative optimization, and enhanced recovery post-joint replacement.