myUOIstory: John’s Double-Knee Replacement

Profound arthritis in both knees was causing John excruciating pain. Finally, he had enough and sought the help of University Orthopedics’ surgeon, Dr. Thomas Barrett. He underwent not one – but two – same-day total knee replacements just weeks apart at UOI’s East Bay Surgery Center. Here’s his myUOIstory.

About Dr. Barrett

Dr. Thomas Barrett is a fellowship-trained adult reconstructive surgeon. His medical practice is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis, a disease that currently affects millions of people in the US. This includes first-time and revision replacements of the hip and knee, including partial knee replacements. Dr. Barrett’s practice also involves care for fractures of the hip and knee and arthroscopy of the knee for the treatment of torn cartilage, and many other indications.

Dr. Barrett has authored numerous publications and book chapters on several aspects of orthopaedic surgery and has presented research nationally.