Ortho in Action: UOI Expanding Program Aimed at Improving Diversity in Orthopedics

“Orthopaedics in Action” – a program that University Orthopedics offered to female high school students at the Lincoln School and Providence’s The Met High School this year – is already proving to be a success.

“We’re expanding into four high schools in the fall so we’ll see if we can drum up more local teenage women that are interested in science, medicine, and hopefully orthopedics and hand surgeons when all is said and done,” University Orthopedics Hand Surgeon Dr. Julia Katarincic told Channel 10’s Barbara Morse. 

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“There are a few female high school students who initially were going to go into other health care. They’re going to go into medicine now. They want to go into orthopedics,” said Katarincic.

Orthopaedic in Despite efforts to boost the number of women in the field of orthopedics, the gender disparity in the specialty continues to be one of the largest in the medical profession. 

The program is a unique, hands-on curriculum for STEAM classrooms, featuring real-world challenges from orthopedic surgery and biomedical engineering. The Perry Initiative – an organization dedicated to building a pipeline for women in engineering and medicine – developed the curriculum. 

In addition to the six classes from “Orthopaedics in Action,” the program will also include two additional sessions curated by UOI physicians – Intro to Orthopedics and Women in Orthopedics.

Julia Katarincic, MD

Julia Ann Katarincic, MD, specializes in care of the hand and microvascular surgery for children and adults. Her chief areas of clinical practice interest include arthritis of the hand, congenital hand anomalies, microsurgery, brachial plexus injuries, and peripheral nerve injuries.