OrthoDirect Provides Softball Mom Peace of Mind

Julia was playing a middle school softball game when she told her mom Nancy that her knee was bothering her.

With a busy weekend of several games planned for Julia’s travel team, Nancy wanted to make sure Julia wouldn’t make anything worse if she continued to play. While Julia was still on the field, Nancy called OrthoDirect and was able to get an appointment that same day. 

After the game, Nancy and Julia left the field and went right to OrthoDirect, where PA Kristen Palumbo examined Julia’s knee. 

It turned out Julia had a case of runner’s knee. Kristen fitted Julia with a brace and told her she could play to her comfort.

But it was really Julia’s mom who found comfort, not only by knowing her daughter wouldn’t be worsening an injury but by being able to get answers quickly with just one appointment.

Providing same- and next-day appointments for acute orthopedic care, OrthoDirect has locations at University Orthopedics locations in East Greenwich and East Providence in Rhode Island and in Mansfield, Massachusetts.