Patient: UOI’s Dr. Tabaddor Was My Last Hope for Pain-Free Life

Carolyn suffered from debilitating hip pain for years. But years of treatment, even several surgeries didn’t offer any relief. At one point, a previous doctor shrugged his shoulders and said he couldn’t do any more for her.

Carolyn had given up hope.

But then, as a last-ditch effort, she turned to Dr. Ramin Tabaddor at University Orthopedics’ Hip Preservation Institute. 

Carolyn said the difference was immediate.

“He was empathetic. Not just sympathetic. I could tell he really cared about me,” Carolyn said.

Dr. Tabaddor said Carolyn’s case was unique and because her issue did not appear on scans it required time to find the cause of her pain.

After using diagnostic injections, he found the source – an impinged nerve in her groin area – which he released surgically.

Now, Carolyn is back to living her life pain-free.

Here’s her comeback story.

Dr. Tabaddor has been practicing orthopedic surgery since 2009. He is a fellowship-trained, CAQ certified sports medicine orthopedist, with a special concentration in hip and pelvic-related disorders (including femoroacetabular impingement, gluteus medius tears, athletic pubalgia, and iliopsoas tendon tears). Dr. Tabaddor treats a wide range of sports-related injuries, both surgical and nonsurgical, and he has had specialized training in hip arthroscopy. He holds an undergraduate degree with honors from Boston University and an MD from Boston University School of Medicine.