PBN: 5 Questions with Dr. Tian

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. – After hearing about Intracept – a first-in-RI procedure for lower back pain Dr. S. Chris Tian recently performed – the Providence Business News asked him 5 Questions, covering the procedure itself, pain management trends, and how the specialty can help stem the opioid crisis.

About Dr. Tian

Dr. Shiqiang “Chris” Tian is a University Orthopedics physician specialized in treating headache, spinal, musculoskeletal, post-surgical, neuropathic, cancer, and visceral pain.

An experienced physician with in-depth knowledge of pain management approaches, Dr. Tian helps patients return to their everyday tasks by performing innovative procedures. Through his rigorous training, Dr. Tian is able to perform advanced pain management solutions such as epidural steroid injection, radiofrequency nerve ablation, spinal cord stimulation, intra-thecal drug delivery system, and vertebral augmentation.