UOI’s Dr. Jenkins Performs Innovative Surgery at RI Hospital

Fifty-three-year-old Michael Friend was diagnosed with a rare form of arthritis that caused his patella, or kneecap, to dislocate. Friend said he knew he needed a knee replacement when it hurt just to walk.

Enter orthopedic surgeon Dr. Derek Jenkins, a surgeon at University Orthopedics who specializes in complex joint reconstruction.

“There are different types of arthritis, and Michael had a rare one,” said Jenkins.

A rare condition required a rare treatment – a type of implant that had never been used at Rhode Island Hospital before Friend’s procedure.

Both Friend and Dr. Jenkins spoke to Channel 10’s Mario Hilario about the life-changing procedure.

About Dr. Derek Jenkins

Dr. Jenkins specializes in adult reconstruction of the hip and knee, with a focused interest in primary surgery including direct anterior total hip replacement, gap balanced total knee replacement, and partial knee replacement; outpatient total joint replacement without the need for an overnight hospital stay; hip and knee preservation, young adult hip and knee, hip and knee arthroscopy, hip and knee osteotomies, treatment of avascular necrosis, fracture treatment of the hip and knee, and revision hip and knee surgeries including the treatment of infected, failed, or painful joint replacements.