With Dr. Tabaddor’s Help, Bay View Students Learn About Bones

Dr. Ramin Tabaddor is used to teaching medical school students and residents. But last month, his students were quite a bit younger.

Dr. Tabaddor, an orthopedic sports medicine surgeon at University Orthopedics, was invited into Ms. Heather Cameron’s Grade 5 class at St. Mary’s Bay View Academy to teach a lesson on the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems. He brought a life-sized skeleton named Albert to assist him with his interactive demonstrations.  The girls learned some fun facts about the smallest and largest bones in their bodies, how many bones they have, why humans have bones and the importance of eating healthy and exercising.

Using “Albert,” yarn, and student volunteers, Dr. Tabaddor demonstrated how muscles are able to move our bones and how the brain sends signals to the muscles. The lesson concluded with students testing their reflexes with a reflex hammer and listening to each other’s heartbeats with a stethoscope.

Being so close to Halloween, Dr. Tabaddor had a treat for the students and revealed Albert had Halloween treats hidden in his skull!!